Media Policies

  • Public dissemination of information and data included in abstracts submitted for the SfN annual meeting is prohibited until the start of the SfN presentation or press conference. whichever comes first.
  • Photography, video, and audio recording by credentialed media are permitted during press conferences or in the Press Interview Room. All other recordings during the meeting, including on the poster and exhibit floors, must adhere to the SfN Photography & Recording Policy.
  • Credentialed media must introduce themselves to meeting attendees as a member of the press before requesting an interview or recording research data. Meeting attendees must explicitly approve the recording of their data, limited to uses described under a Creative Commons Attribution + Noncommercial + ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) license.
  • In order for non-SfN press releases to be distributed in the SfN Press Room, they must be directly related to science being presented at the meeting and are under embargo for release until the start of the presentation. Press releases and related materials may be accepted at SfN's discretion and do not indicate SfN endorsement. All decisions are final.
  • SfN does not share, rent, or distribute media registration information.